For background information on G0330, check out this Toolkit and webinars hosted on January 19 and March 22, 2024.

G0330 Toolkit

The information provided below is to the best of our knowledge as of March 2024. Our staff works closely with AAPD Public Policy Advocates to update this information. Many state dental associations and oral health coalitions have been incredibly helpful partners, as well. We also attempt to locate updates and information provided by state Medicaid agencies (SMAs). If you see an error, please let us know by contacting Thank you! 

Note: SMA = State Medicaid Agency

March 2024 State Implementation Status

Additional information on implementation status categorization:

  • Adopted*: G0330 is open for use in hospital outpatient AND/OR ambulatory surgical center settings
  • Workaround*: System established for reimbursing dental rehabilitation facility fees in hospital outpatient AND/OR ambulatory surgical center settings without using code G0330 (e.g., 41899)
  • SMA Involved: Champions have engaged the state Medicaid agency
  • SMA Contacted: Champions have attempted contact with the state Medicaid agency
  • Unknown/No Activity: Unsure of status, unable to locate relevant information
  • *Lesser Rate: Rate is less than CMS 2023 national average Medicare hospital payment rate of $1722.43 (Note: The CMS 2024 Medicare hospital payment rate is $3081.91 and ASC payment rate is $1318.93.)
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November 2023 State Implementation Status

May 2023 State Implementation Status