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low risk of monkeypox spread in healthcare workers

A recent MMWR report out of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) brings attention to a study of healthcare workers (HCWs) with recent exposures to patients with confirmed monkeypox viral infections. While some had intermediate to high levels of exposure, no transmission occured. The staff were monitored through the extent of the viral incupation period - 21 days following exposure - and no infection developed among the exposed group even in HCWs that were not properly donned in PPE.

The recommendations for infection control of monkeypox virus in health care facilities can be found here. For those interested in learning more about the virus, visit Monkeypox: What you need to know. This page from the Infectious Diseases Society of America includes a brief summary about the virus as well as fact sheets for the public and clinical resources.


OpenWide: Learning from Data in Dentistry Symposium Scheduled October 12th in Houston

Get familiar with the concept of Learning Health Systems in the scientific symposium, "OpenWide: Learning from Data in Dentistry" on Wednesday, October 12th, 8am-6:30pm in Houston, Texas at the UT Health Houston, School of Dentisty. This program is designed to introduce dentists to best practices for using data, metrics and technology for quality improvement and safety in dental practice.  Explore improvement strategies and design-centered thinking, and dig into how to implement and evaluate a Learning Health System in your dental practice.


  • Keynote by a nationally recognized speaker in Learning Health Systems
  • Short Talks highlighting best practices relating to dental quality and safety
  • Lively interactive discussions

Click here to read about "OpenWide: Learning from Data in Dentistry" in greater detail and for the conference overview.