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Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is, at its core, extracting the evidence from dental research, critically appraising it and synthesizing it into clinical guidelines. The rest is up to you. You treat your patient using the best evidence coupled with clinical judgment and experience. Currently, Academy staff, your peers and outside experts steeped in evidence-based practice are working on the first-ever AAPD EBD clinical guidelines. These guidelines reflect a new age in pediatric dentistry research. While these guidelines will be produced utilizing a different protocol from the past, they will continue to recognize the value of input from pediatric dentists with years of clinical experience.

You have an opportunity to participate in the process by submitting your ideas. If you find a topic that stumps you or you feel is in need of an EBD guideline, you can submit for review via our topic suggestion form!


Evidence-Based Dentistry Resources

Topic Suggestion Form

Guideline Developmental Process


Pediatric Dentistry Today Articles

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AAPD's Evidence-Based Dentistry Initiative

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Get Involved

How to Get Involved with Evidence-Based Dentistry

Evidence-Based Dentistry Committee (EBDC)


Members of the EBDC

  • John Timothy Wright, DDS, MS, Chair
  • Kerry Maguire, DDS, MSPH, Board Liaison
  • Donald L. Chi, DDS, PhD
  • Randall K. Lout, DDS
  • Edward L. Rick, DDS
  • Noel K. Childers, DDS, MS, PhD
  • Anupama R. Tate, DMD, MP
  • Jim Coll, DMD, MS

Non-Vital Therapy Guideline Workgroup

  • Jim Coll, DMD, MS, Chair
  • Kaaren Vargas, DDS, PhD
  • Shahad AlShamali, BDS, MS
  • Chia-YuChen, DDS
  • Abdulla Margalani BDS, MSD, DrPH

Behavior Guidance Guideline Workgroup

  • Drs. Vineet K Dhar, DBS, MDS, PhD
  • Elizabeth S Gosnell, DMD, MS
  • Cameron L Randall, PHD
  • Rebecca L Slayton, DDS, PhD