Reimbursement for Dental Services for Children Covered by Medicaid (January 2024)

Dental Rehabilitation in Operating Rooms | G0330 Facility Fee Code -- State Implementation Updates (November 2023)

Physician Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) in Dental Caries Management (Guidance Resource, July 2023)

Hidden Crisis: Pediatric Oral Health in Rural America (Technical Brief, April 2023)

Wellness Resources (December 2022)

Value-Based Care in Pediatric Dentistry (Technical Brief, March 2022)

Are We Home Yet? In Pursuit of a Dental Home Today (Chief Policy Officer Commentary, November 2021)

Forty Years Woke and Still Disrupting (Chief Policy Officer Commentary, August 2021)

To Work Toward Oral Health Care Equity, Start with Medicaid (Chief Policy Officer Commentary, July 2021)

Are Your Kids Covered? Medicaid Coverage for Essential Oral Health Benefits, Second Edition (Technical Brief, June 2021)

SDF Fact and Policy Summary (Technical Brief, May 2021)

Denial of Access to Operarting Room Time in Hospitals for Pediatric Dental Care (Technical Brief, May 2021)

Treating Tooth Decay: How to Make the Best Restorative Choices for Children's Health (Technical Brief, July 2020)

The Importance of the Age One Dental Visit (Technical Brief, September 2019)

The State of Little Teeth, Second Edition (Technical Brief, March 2019)

Pediatric Dentist Toolkit for Seeing Patients with Medicaid - Changing Children's Lives One Smile at a Time (Technical Brief, May 2017)

Competition or Collaborative: Exploring the Relationship Between Corporate Dentistry and Dental Training Programs (Technical Brief, May 2016)

Unique Considerations for Medicaid Audits of Pediatric Dental Practices (Technical Brief, February 2015)

Public Policy Advocate Tip Sheet on Medicaid Compliance and Audit Issues (Technical Brief, December 2014)

Early Preventive Dental Visits (Technical Brief, April 2014)

Patient-Centered Care (Technical Brief, August 2013)

The Use of Case Management to Improve Dental Health in High-Risk Populations (Technical Brief, June 2013)

An Essential Health Benefit: General Anesthesia for Treatment of Early Childhood Caries (Technical Brief, May 2012)

Considerations for Caries Risk Assessment in an Essential Health Benefits Dental Plan for Children (Technical Brief, May 2012)

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