AAPD & QUAD A have partnered to offer an accreditation program for pediatric dental practices. AAPD’s longstanding commitment to optimal oral health for all children perfectly aligns with QUAD A’s mission of patient safety.

Accredited pediatric dentistry facilities must meet standards written for the delivery of safe pediatric dental care requiring unique anesthesia delivery and disinfection practices. This program is designed to improve practices and preparedness that will reduce the number of adverse incidents in patients and ensure optimal patient safety. It aims to standardize practices in accredited pediatric dentistry clinics and distinguish AAPD members from those whose practices do not follow global standards. Learn more about how to become accredited and get answers to frequently asked questions below

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Pedo Teeth Talk Podcast | Executive Director of QUAD A, Thomas S. Terranova, JD MBA MA, was recently featured on AAPD's Pedo Teeth Talk. Listen in to learn more about QUAD A’s accreditation and how it can benefit your practice.

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