The Pre-Doctoral Toolkit is a resource for AAPD's PreDoctoral Chapters. We welcome additions and ideas from all our current chapters. Please contact Suzanne Wester with any suggestions at 

AAPD Chapter Toolkit

Promotional Presentation

This presentation exemplifies the many benefits of beginning and continuing an AAPD Pre-Doctoral club. It is available to be used in whole or in part.

AAPD Pre-Doc Chapter Membership

The purpose of a student chapter is to initiate and promote a better understanding and appreciation of dentistry for children among dental students.

Action Step Checklist

Review the checklist of action steps for student leaders and mentors.

"Best Practices" for AAPD Pre-Doc Chapters

A pre-doctoral student group can be a wonderful first step in pursuing a specialty in pediatric dentistry.

AAPD Predoctoral Chapter Spotlights

Official AAPD Pre Doctoral Chapters

Pre-Doctoral Student Chapter Handbook

Membership in a Student Chapter is open to all pre-doctoral dental students and is especially geared to those students who are either interested in pursuing a certificate in pediatric dentistry, or plan to offer treatment to the pediatric population in their general practice.