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CEO's Report to Membership - 2018

AAPD Constitution and Bylaws

AAPD Strategic Plan 2020

2018-2019 Charges to the Councils and Committees of the AAPD

AAPD Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual

Minutes of the 2018 General Assembly

2018 Annual Session Governance Materials

2018 Reference Committee Hearing Report

2018 - Notice to Active and Life Members: Reference Committee Hearings and General Assembly

2018 - Proposed Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

2018 - Proposed Oral Health Policies and Clinical Recommendations

2018 - Additional Proposed Oral Health Policy Recommendation - Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride

2018 General Assembly Agenda Packet

2017-2018 Reports of the Officers, Trustees, Councils, Committees and Task Forces

Pediatric Dentistry Facts

2017 Survey of Pediatric Dental Practice

Trends in Pediatric Dentistry 2017

Snapshot of America's Children 2017

Dental Fees: Results from the 2013 Survey of Dental Fees

ADA 2012 Survey of Pediatric Dental Income

2010 Advanced Legislative Workshop Presentations: Focus on Mid-Level/Non-Dentist Providers

Pediatric Dentistry DVDs

WDA Dental Home Continuing Education DVD

Healthy Smiles: A Family Guide DVD

Smiles for Tomorrow: Free CE Course For Staff, Referral Sources and Others

The free course covers the following topics: normal oral structures, common oral conditions, eruption patterns, dental caries and prevention, and orofacial trauma.

Upon completion, users will better understand appropriate evaluation, treatment, and preventive measures that should be instituted during infancy and continued on a regular basis to maintain optimal health. The course can be taken completely online.

Smiles For Tomorrow

ADA Periodic Review of Dental Specialty Education and Practice on Pediatric Dentistry

2011 Review of Pediatric Dentistry

Candidate Nomination Forms

The AAPD Nominations Committee is accepting nominations for the 2019-20 election of secretary/treasurer, at-large trustee and board member of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD). Nominations must be received by the AAPD headquarters office no later than Dec. 1, 2018. This date reflects procedures for the Nominations Committee, per the current AAPD Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual*. The term of the current at-large trustee, Dr. Paula L. Coates, expires in 2019. The at-large trustee also represents the international membership.

The candidate for board member of the ABPD is submitted to the Nominations Committee by the ABPD. Applications are due to the ABPD by Sept. 15, 2018. For information, please go to the ABPD website at

A nominee’s submission must be on the standard AAPD Nominations Committee Candidate Consideration form. This form can be obtained by contacting Governance and Operations Manager Margaret Bjerklie at The required materials from nominees are the following:

1.  The completed and signed Nominations form.

2.  A one-page essay explaining their interest in serving in the specific office and summarizing their leadership skills;

3.  A background description suitable for publishing in Pediatric Dentistry Today;

4.  Three letters of personal recommendation from active, life or retired members of the Academy; and

5.  A photograph in electronic format suitable for publication in Pediatric Dentistry Today.

The Nominations Committee will meet on Jan. 16, 2019, at which time they shall interview all nominees either in person or via teleconference or web conference or other appropriate technology. All nominees must agree to participate in this interview process. All nominees for the 2019-20 academy year will be published in the March or May 2019 issue of PDT and voted on by the membership at the 2019 General Assembly.
For further information, please contact Chief Executive Officer John S. Rutkauskas at (312) 337-2169, ext. 28, or


2019 Candidate Nomination Form, Secretary-Treasurer

2019 Candidate Nomination Form, At Large Trustee


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Posted here are the approved action minutes of the meetings of the AAPD Board of Trustees, beginning with the meetings held at the 2007 Annual Session in San Antonio.

May 22, 2007 Board Meeting minutes
May 27, 2007 Board Meeting minutes (2006-2007 Board)
May 27, 2007 Board Meeting minutes (2007-2008 Board)
2007 Ad Interim Board Meeting minutes
January 17-18, 2008 Winter Board Meeting minutes
May 20, 2008 Board Meeting minutes
May 25, 2008 Board Meeting minutes
September 20, 2008 Board Meeting minutes
October 6, 2008 Board Meeting minutes
January 16, 2009 Board Meeting minutes
May 19, 2009 Board Meeting minutes
May 24, 2009 Board Meeting minutes
September 10, 2009 Board Meeting minutes
January 14, 2010 Board Meeting minutes
May 25, 2010 Board Meeting minutes
May 30, 2010 Board Meeting minutes
May 30, 2010 Board Meeting minutes (revised)
October 8, 2010 Board Meeting minutes
January 14, 2011 Board Meeting minutes
January 16, 2011 Board Meeting minutes
May 24, 2011 Board Meeting minutes
May 29, 2011 Board Meeting minutes
October 9, 2011 Board Meeting minutes