In 2012 the AAPD revised their current fellow status to focus on leadership, scholarly activity and community involvement. Previously fellow status was automatically granted when you became board certified as a pediatric dentists. The term fellow in a professional association often refers to a person who has distinguished themselves above the standard norm, either by publications or contributions to the profession.

Starting in 2013, fellow status was no longer automatically granted to board-certified pediatric dentists. We introduced the new fellow program that will offer our members an opportunity to further distinguish themselves in the profession. Members who received their board certification in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 etc.  have an opportunity to earn their fellow status in this new program.

How to Become a Fellow of AAPD (FAAPD)

Below is an outline of requirements, point system, fees and renewal for the FAAPD program membership.  Each FAAPD activity is assessed its own maximum point score to help determine candidates’ acceptance into the program. 

Mandatory Requirements
  1. Recommendation letters from two current fellows. (Renewing Fellows do not need letters of recommendation)
  2. Board certification by ABPD.
  3. At least five consecutive years of AAPD Active Member membership (Post Pediatric Dentistry Residency).

All fellows must score 20 points or higher for consideration.

Point System

A new candidate must earn points in at least three out of four categories with a maximum of 12 points per category. Points are assigned to the different accomplishments in these categories so that it is fair and equal for all members. Only activities going back five years from the date of the application will be considered with the exception of published research articles that can go back up to 10 years. If a candidate serves on more than one council for the same organization or has attended multiple annual meetings, points can be awarded for each activity. 

Point Value Categories