Pediatric Dentistry

With a circulation of over 10,000, Pediatric Dentistry is published bi-monthly and is internationally recognized as the leading journal in the area of pediatric dentistry. The journal promotes the practice, education and research specifically related to the specialty of pediatric dentistry. This peer-reviewed journal features scientific articles, case reports and abstracts of current pediatric dental research.

Pediatric Dentistry has an Impact Factor of 3.312.

Pediatric Dentistry Today (PDT)

PDT (Pediatric Dentistry Today) magazine is the bi-monthly member publication that highlights legislative and regulatory information, membership news and  AAPD continuing education and the Annual Session, as well as information on current and future events within the specialty and organization. 

AAPD Annual Session

Premier Conference for Pediatric Dental Professionals

This meeting is the highlight of the year for our organization, attracting over 30 percent of our member dentists, their staffs and families.
Make the most of your marketing dollars this year, sponsor an event and reserve your exhibit space now for the Annual Session.

AAPD Reference Manual

The Reference Manual of Pediatric Dentistry is intended to encourage a diverse audience to provide the highest possible level of care to children. This audience includes, but is not limited to: pediatric dentists, general dental practitioners and other dental specialists, physicians and other health care providers, government agencies and health care policy makers, individuals interested in the oral health of children.

The Reference Manual of Pediatric Dentistry is divided into five sections: (1) definitions, (2) oral health policies, (3) recommendations, (4) endorsements, and (5) resources. Oral health policies are statements relating to AAPD positions on various public health issues. Recommendations are developed to assist the dental provider in making decisions concerning patient care. This section has two subcategories, clinical practice guidelines and best practices, distinguished by the methodology employed to develop the recommendations. Adherence to the recommendations increases the probability of a favorable practice outcome and decreases the likelihood of an unfavorable practice outcome. The endorsements section includes clinical recommendations relevant to the practice of pediatric dentistry that have been developed by other organizations with recognized expertise and adopted by the AAPD. Resources contains supplemental information to be used as a quick reference when more detailed information is not readily accessible, as well as clinical forms offered to facilitate excellence in practice. Proper utilization of the AAPD Reference Manual necessitates recognizing the distinction between standards and recommendations. Although there are certain instances within the recommendations where a specific action is mandatory, the AAPD Reference Manual is not intended nor should it be construed to be either a standard of care or a scope of practice document. The AAPD Reference Manual contains recommendations for care that could be modified to fit individual patient needs based on the patient, the practitioner, the health care setting, and other factors.

The Reference Manual of Pediatric Dentistry insertion date is Oct. 15. Materials Deadline is Nov. 1.

Issues annually—November
AAPD Members—10,500
Binding: Perfect Bound
Publication Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.875 inches

Inside BW-$2,400


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