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Tune in to expert dentist and dentist anesthesiologist Dr. David Carsten as he discusses an excellent protocol to transition your patients with special needs.  In this uplifting podcast, Dave talks about how he has established a system of continuous care with close attention to the patient and the family.  Learn how to plan and execute this often-challenging task from an expert “recipient”.  You will improve the performance of your practice. 

David Carsten, DDS is a dentist anesthesiologist. He has a BS in Biochemistry from Washington State University, with a background in Medical Bacteriology and virology. His DDS is from the University of Washington. He has 5 publications in the scientific literature. He received the Award of Distinction in Continuing Education from the Academy of Dentistry International in 2005.

He lectures often, internally and externally, on many topics. For example, Dave did more than 30 lectures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic from 10 January 2020 to the present and has consulted dentists and entities regarding mitigation.

He is an Assistant Professor in Hospital Dentistry at Oregon Health Sciences University, General Practice Residency program. That program focuses on patients that fall within the broad definition of special needs and are thirteen years old or older. He was on the ADA Steering Committee for the DLOSCE.  He mentors the interdisciplinary lecture group at OHSU, the Tilikum Crossing Seminar Series. He is a Chair for the Department of Health, Washington State Dental Commission, also chairing the Infection Control Committee. Dave lives in Vancouver with his wife, Sharon, his son, Davin, and their dog, Kiki. He has been a member of the Spiritual Care Team at Salmon Creek Legacy Hospital since 2012. 

Newly Erupted

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