The AAPD is delighted that board certified pediatric dentist and AAPD member Dr. Natalia Chalmers has been appointed Chief Dental Officer (CDO) at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The CMS CDO position had been vacant since 2017, and AAPD has strongly advocated for a CDO appointment. Congressional appropriations report language was obtained each fiscal year since then urging CMS to fill the CDO position. Dr. Chalmers previously served a temporary stint as CMS Dental Officer beginning in 2020, on assignment from the Food and Drug Administration. Earlier this year, the AAPD and ADA jointly wrote CMS to endorse Dr. Chalmers’ candidacy. She is the first CDO to serve in the CMS Office of the Administrator. Congratulations Dr. Chalmers!

View a copy of the CMS press release here.

View a copy of the AAPD-ADA letter here.

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