With the Affordable Care Act is in effect, the AAPD is collecting information on the types (embedded or stand-alone) of dental plans in your state, the new children you are seeing as a result of the ACA, your response to participating in the exchange plans and your questions regarding the ACA. AAPD would love to hear about your experiences, your patients’ experiences and everything in between. Please share your stories with us so that we can gather information on how the various-run state exchanges are performing. We hope that gathering this information will help us identify issues that will, in turn, be used to help you and your patients. For additional information, see links below or contact AAPD Dental Insurance Consultant Dr. James Nickman at james.nickman@comcast.net or (773) 938-4760.

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Guidance for families purchasing ACA pediatric dental insurance:

ACA analysis of interest to AAPD members:

AAPD Comments on ACA Regulations and Notices

Health Insurance Exchange Website:

  • HealthCare.gov is the federally-facilitated or partnership health insurance exchange website for 34 states, and features links to the state-run exchanges for the other 16 states plus the District of Columbia

Guidance on Essential Health Benefits and State Benchmarks:

Essential Health Benefits Implementation Under ACA

Resources on State Implementation of Affordable Care Act Essential Health Benefits (including pediatric oral health benefit) Under Health Insurance Exchanges