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Executive Office

Profile Photo for John Rutkauskas, D.D.S., M.B.A., C.A.E.

John Rutkauskas, D.D.S., M.B.A., C.A.E.

Chief Executive Officer

(312) 337-2169 X 28

Profile Photo for C. Scott Litch, Esq., C.A.E.

C. Scott Litch, Esq., C.A.E.

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

(312) 337-2169 X 29

Profile Photo for Margaret Bjerklie

Margaret Bjerklie

Governance and Operations Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 11

Profile Photo for Mary Essling, R.D.H.,M.S.

Mary Essling, R.D.H.,M.S.

Dental Benefits Director

(312) 337-2169 X 36

Profile Photo for Leola Royston, M.P.H.

Leola Royston, M.P.H.

Education Development and Academic Support Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 30

Pediatric Oral Health and Policy Center

Profile Photo for Paul Casamassimo, D.D.S, M.S.

Paul Casamassimo, D.D.S, M.S.

Chief Policy Officer

Profile Photo for Robin Wright, Ph.D.

Robin Wright, Ph.D.

Research and Policy Center Director

(312) 337-2169 X 33

Profile Photo for Clare Conte

Clare Conte

Project Coordinator

(312) 337-2169 X 31

AAPD Foundation

Profile Photo for Paul Amundsen, M.N.A., C.F.R.E.

Paul Amundsen, M.N.A., C.F.R.E.

VP for Development and Charitable Programs

(312) 337-2169 X 23

Profile Photo for Michelle Hidalgo, M.S.

Michelle Hidalgo, M.S.

Development and Marketing Manager, HSHC

(312) 337-2169 X 14

Profile Photo for Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams

Donor Relations Assistant

(312) 337-2169 X 39

Publications and Communications Department

Profile Photo for Cindy Hansen

Cindy Hansen

Senior Publications Director

(312) 337-2169 X 26

Profile Photo for Adriana Loaiza

Adriana Loaiza

Senior Publications Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 15

Profile Photo for Lily Snyder

Lily Snyder

Web and Social Media Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 24

Profile Photo for Kenneth Berry

Kenneth Berry

Publications Coordinator

(312) 337-2169 X 19

Meetings and Continuing Education Department

Profile Photo for Kristi Casale, C.M.P., D.C.M.P

Kristi Casale, C.M.P., D.C.M.P

Senior Meetings and Continuing Education Director

(312) 337-2169 X 18

Profile Photo for Colleen Bingle

Colleen Bingle

Meetings, Exhibits, and Sponsorship Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 17

Profile Photo for Caroline Oliva

Caroline Oliva

Meeting Services Manager

(312) 337-2169 X 35

Profile Photo for Kelly Stancato

Kelly Stancato

Meeting Services Coordinator

(312) 337-2169 X 22

Membership Department

Profile Photo for Suzanne Wester, M.B.A., C.A.E.

Suzanne Wester, M.B.A., C.A.E.

Senior Membership and Marketing Director

(312) 337-2169 X 21

Profile Photo for Lee Gonzalez

Lee Gonzalez

Membership Assistant

(312) 337-2169 X 43

Business Department

Profile Photo for Tom Jurczak, M.B.A.

Tom Jurczak, M.B.A.

Senior Business Services Director

(312) 337-2169 X 20

Profile Photo for Veronica Gomez

Veronica Gomez

Accounting Coordinator

(312) 337-2169 X 34