De-escalation in Healthcare.
 This guidebook from the Joint Commission describes several models of de-escalation to defuse a patient who is feeling agitated or who is even behaving decidedly aggressive. Many healthcare personnel will meet a combative patient at least once in their career. This resource is intended to point staff and management toward more information and trainings to encourage the learning of methods to prevent and resolve patient conflict. Click here to read. (March 9, 2021)

CPI’s Top 10 De-Escalation Tips. “In the light of the many recent hardships, it feels almost glib to suggest that de-escalation is really ever […] simple…These de-escalation tips from CPI are about support, not suppression, and about seeing each other with the humanity and compassion that each of us wants to be seen with.” Click here to read Top 10 De-Escalation Tips from the Crisis Prevention Institute. (March 9, 2021)

Project Firstline. This concise and easy to use resource is designed to prepare all staff to apply infection control principles and protocols regardless of training or education level. Click here to visit the Project Firstline.

What to Do if Someone on Your Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19. A single-page checklist that can be used when you or your staff tests positive for COVID-19, this resource from the American Dental Association is an excellent tool to add your practice’s COVID-19 protocols. To visit this resource, click here

A call to action: Improving clinician wellbeing and patient care and safety. This comprehensive brief examines clinician wellbeing, addressing several significant mediating factors impacting the health of providers and patient outcomes: 

  • What is the relationship between clinician wellbeing and patient care and safety?
  • What is the scope of the problem? 
  • What can be done to improve clinician wellbeing and improve patient care and safety?
  • What are evidence-informed policy options for improvement?

Find out the answers to these question and more here.