Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry 
NYU Lutheran Dental Medicine 
150 55th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11220
Phone: 718-630-8419
Fax: 718-630-8714

Program Length and Number of Positions

This is a 24-month program beginning July 1 of each year. Five (5) positions per year are available at the Brooklyn, NY site. Orientation begins on July 1.

Program Type

Hospital-based certificate program.


The NYU Langone -Pediatric Dentistry Residency participates in PASS and MATCH. The deadline is August 15 of the year prior to the July 1 start date.


This is a 24-month full-time hospital and health center-based CODA-accredited training program. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the resident is awarded a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and meets the advanced education eligibility requirements of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Graduates are well prepared to be contributing members of the health care team in a hospital environment, academic institution, community healthcare facility or private practice. This program commences on July 1 of each year.

If you have any further questions, please contact the email stated above, or Program Director, Dr. Daniel Kane at


This specialty program revolves around both well children and those who are medically compromised, developmentally challenged, or victims of trauma. The curriculum emphasizes pediatric medicine and dentistry, the behavioral and pharmacological management of children, oral biology for the pediatric dentist, and general anesthesia. Graduates are well prepared to be contributing members of the health care team in a hospital environment or community setting. All Pediatric dental residents present cases and discuss treatment plans and options via live video teleconference to all NYU Langone Hospitals-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry residents stationed in hundreds of our extramural practice/training sites around the country. Interactive sessions include all NYU Langone Hospitals Postdoctoral Programs general and specialty programs: AEGD, GPR, Dental Anesthesiology, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Dental Public Health.

First-Year Program

First-year residents study most of the core curriculum, completing the majority of the didactic curriculum during the first year of residency training. In addition, the program offers course work in oral biology, genetics, and craniofacial biology, including the opportunity at most sites to attend monthly craniofacial conferences. First-year residents are assigned multiple rotations, including pediatric medicine for the well-child care, general anesthesia, emergency medicine, phlebotomy and on-call services.

During the first year, distance-based didactic learning is achieved by taking web-based education modules delivered via an asynchronous platform (Brightspace), as well a through live videoconferencing sessions. There are multidisciplinary seminars with participation by general dentistry, endodontics and dental anesthesia residents, as well as specialty-focused seminars. Biomedical courses include: oral biology, pediatric anesthesia, physical diagnosis, behavioral management, pediatric dentistry series, orthodontics, craniofacial development and research methods and materials. Clinical rotations to enhance the didactic curriculum include: pediatric medicine, anesthesia, emergency medicine, craniofacial, operating room, sedation and orthodontics.

Second-Year Program

During the second year, the focus of the curriculum is on the sick child. Second-year residents are assigned with pediatric specialists to work in areas such as endocrinology, neurology, pulmonology, nephrology, and cardiology.

Program Stipend and Tuition



  • NYU Langone Health System
  • Family Health Centers at NYU Langone
  • NYU College of Dental Medicine
  • Columbia University

Admission Requirements

  • D.D.S. or D.M.D. degree from an ADA-accredited American or Canadian dental school
  • Must be eligible for the RI limited dental license (
  •  Must have passed Part I of National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) prior to application and Part II by start of residency
  • ADAT is not required
  • Dental transcripts through PASS
  • Three Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF) through PASS
  • All candidates must be proficient/fluent in the English language
  • PASS application; MATCH number
  • Recent 2×2 color photograph embedded in CV and uploaded to PASS
  • Personal interview (upon invitation)
  • Be a U.S. or Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. 
  • Completion of dental school or current residency in good standing by start of the program (July 1st)
  • Must live within 20 minutes of health center by start of residency to respond to after-hours emergency calls

Program Strengths

  • Strong didactic and clinical foundation in pediatric dentistry with emphasis on pediatric medicine, hospital dentistry, interceptive orthodontics and conscious sedation.
  • Large and demographically diverse patient population
  • Modern clinical facilities
  • Close professional relationship with the medical staff
  • University affiliations
  • Extensive training in the use of pharmacological/no pharmacological modalities of treatments
  • Training with specialists in all disciplines of dentistry, including but not limited to orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, dental public health, and dental anesthesia and patients with special healthcare needs
  • 94.4% of NYU Langone Hospitals-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry graduates have passed the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry written Qualifying Examination compared to national average of 90.0%.
  • 79.1% of NYU Langone Hospitals-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry graduates have passed the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Oral Clinical Examination and have obtained Board Certified-Diplomate status compared to the national average of 75.7%.

Residents in Brooklyn attend joint literature review at NYU College of Dentistry, craniofacial rounds at Columbia University and Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery, and teach in the pre-doc clinics of NYU College of Dentistry.

Program Faculty

Daniel J. Kane, D.M.D., M.A., Program Director, Pediatric Dentistry *
Rajesh Adhia, D.M.D., Senior Associate Director, Pediatric Dentistry * 
Julie Cernigliaro, D.D.S., Associate Director, Pediatric Dentistry*
Linda Rosenberg, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry* 
Diane Wong, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry* 
John Celona, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry 
Susan Hernandez, D.M.D., Pediatric Dentistry*
Ninus Ebrahimi, D.M.D., Pediatric Dentistry *
Clara Tzau, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry* 
Helen Tong, D.M.D., Pediatric Dentistry *
Donald Olsen, D.D.S., Orthodontics
Charles Azzaretti, D.D.S., Director Dental Anesthesiology* 
Jeffrey Burns, D.D.S., Dental Anesthesiology/Special Care* 
Louis Siegelman, D.D.S., Dental Anesthesiology* 
Constantine Pavlakos, D.D.S., Periodontology* 
Boris Zats, D.D.S., Oral Surgery*
Marc Kunin, D.D.S., Endodontics
Lynn Gargano, D.D.S., Director School Health, Pediatric Dentistry * 
Laurence Jerrold, Orthodontics*
Nicholas Katchen, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentist / Dental Anesthesiology*
Robert Bowe, D.D.S., Oral Pathology *

School Profile


Program Type: Combined
Program Director: Full-Time
Program Faculty: 1 Full-Time
9 Part-Time
9 Board Certified
Program Length: 24 Total Months
July 1 Start Date
Program Accreditation: Approved
State Licensure: Restricted License Available
Number of Entering Positions: 5 PGYI
Tuition In-State:  
Tuition Out-Of-State:  
Application: August 15 Deadline
Participant in National
Matching Service:
Participant in PASS: Yes
Only US citizens from ADA 
accredited dental schools 
US citizens from foreign dental 
schools considered:
Non-US citizens from ADA 
accredited dental schools 
Non-US citizens from foreign 
dental schools considered:
Acceptance Applicant Ratio:  
Clinic Experience: Orthodontics
Conscious Sedation
Hospital Rotations
General Anesthesia
Emergency Call
Operating Room
Oral Surgery
Infant Oral Health
Medically Compromised
Mentally Disabled
Craniofacial Disorders
Physically Disabled
Community Clinics
Minimal and Moderate Sedations
Special Health Care Needs
Behavior Guidance
Didactic Experience: Seminars
Literature Review
Case Conferences
Research Requirement: Data Collection Project
Teaching Experience:  
Facilities: 35 Chair/Operatories
22 Clinic Receptionist
47 Dental Assistants
3 Dental Hygienists