This document outlines expectations for workgroup chairs of any of the workgroups in the Evidence-Based Dentistry committee at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). This will include requirements, time commitment and a summary of expectations.

Position Summary

Workgroup chairs are expected to:

  • Lead regular workgroup meetings.
  • Set timeline for systematic review or clinical practice guideline.
  • Collaborate with other workgroup members on data extraction and review of journal articles.
  • Assign components of a systematic review or clinical practice guidelines to members of the workgroup to work on.
  • Provide expertise on a clinical area on a topic covered in the systematic review or clinical practice guideline.
  • Review/evaluate any existing guidelines and systematic reviews as appropriate.
  • Select studies for full-text retrieval and extraction / Extract (Cochrane form) for each study selected. Perform evidence synthesis: Meta-analysis or Narrative synthesis.
  • Grade Evidence (based on GRADE criteria – Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation).
  • Draft meeting agendas for monthly meetings and for AAPD Annual Session.
  • Write components of the systematic review or clinical practice guidelines.
  • Demonstrate personal integrity in all interactions.
  • Develop a research protocol that includes PICO clinical questions.
  • Modify guidelines according to external review recommendations.
  • Communicate orally and in writing clearly and logically.


  • Participation in either the ADA EBD workshop or the AAPD EBD workshop is required prior to leading a workgroup.
  • Previous experience in working on systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines is required.
  • Sign AAPD Volunteer Leader Agreement Form to ensure copyright compliance, conflict of interest, and ensure data, recommendations, or drafts are kept confidential until publication.
  • Attendance at AAPD Annual is required in-person unless there are unforeseen personal circumstances.

Term Appointment

  • Workgroup chairs will serve terms of variable length, from appointment at the initiation of the guideline development process until completion of their assigned guideline.

*Time Commitment

  • Workgroup Meetings: 2-3 hours a month. Meetings may take place on the weekend depending on volunteer schedules.
  • Article Reviews: 3-7 hours a week. Reviewing articles may take place over a 1–2-month period depending on the volume of literature.
  • Data Extraction: 4-10 hours a week. Data extraction may take place over a 2-6-month period depending on the volume of data extracted.
  • Drafting Recommendation Statements: 5-7 hours per recommendation. Drafting recommendations may take place over a 1-2-month period.
  • Reviewing Recommendation Statements: 2-4 hours per recommendation. Reviewing recommendations may take place over a 1–2-month period.
  • Writing Components: 5-10 hours per assignment. Writing components may take place over a 1–2-month period.

*Time commitment may be subject to change, depending on workgroup need or project progress.

Failure to achieve these performance requirements above may result in dismissal from the workgroup.