Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs: Dr. Travis Nelson, Restorative Dental Care and Oral Rehabilitation

April 14, 2021
Dr. Travis Nelson, Restorative Dental Care and Oral Rehabilitation 

Since the difficult decision was made to cancel the Qualifying Examination Prep In-Person course in February 2021, we are excited to announce the Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs! The Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs will be an enhancement to the pre-recorded QE Prep Course that is available in the Education Passport. This course was recorded in 2020 and includes 20.5 CE Credits as well as the in-depth lectures on the topics specifically relating to the exam. We strongly recommend you take this course before attending the Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs.

The Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs will be February through April and it allows you the opportunity to connect with the Qualifying Examination  Prep speakers on specific topics. You will have the ability to submit questions for the speakers and it will be an informal session that will help you in your final preparation for the course. This Study Club is focused on answering your concerns relating to the topics, so it is essential you submit questions ahead of time.  The Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs will be conducted on zoom and the link will be sent by noon the day of the Study Club.

Please note these speakers aren’t affiliated with the ABPD or the exam itself, they are merely here to help you study and prepare for the exam. They aren’t here to provide EXACT test questions or answers, this is all just a supplemental study tool and in no way guarantees a specific score on the exam. It is up to the attendee to use these tools the AAPD has provided for their own study preparation.

Speaker and Topic
Dr. Travis Nelson - Restorative Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation

Course Objectives 

  • Review anatomic differences between primary and permanent teeth and how they affect restorative care
  • Understand the rationale and research basis for sealants
  • Recognize indications for and use of various restorative materials in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Be familiar with the use of lasers in restorative and surgical care

Price per session
AAPD Student Member: $60 *discounted price*
AAPD Member: $90
AAPD Non-Member: $90

CE Credit
2.5 hours of CE credit

 Registration Here

We encourage participants of the Qualifying Examination Prep Study Clubs to purchase the 2020 recording of QE Prep Course in Education Passport. There is a discount for students, please contact your Program Director for the code.

All Qualifying Examination Prep  Study Clubs will be from 5-7:30 p.m. CST. If you can’t make it live, they will be recorded.