What to Do When Your Infant is Teething

July 11, 2011 09:51 AM
Erin Whitehead with BabyFit.com interviewed AAPD Immediate Past President Dr. John R. Liu (Wash.) about offering parents and caregivers suggestions on how to best manage infants’ behavior while teething. If your infant doesn’t have any teeth yet, Liu suggests that there’s nothing to be alarmed about.

“There isn't generally an age to be concerned if teeth haven't appeared because all babies have their own schedules. Even in the case of missing teeth-when a tooth or two is absent-parents need not be concerned. Just because they're missing teeth doesn't mean that we need to do anything about it, and certainly there isn't anything we can do about it at that early age.”

To continue reading Liu’s tips and advice on knowing what to expect in your teething baby,visit http://babyfit.sparkpeople.com/articles.asp?id=1046

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