Residents Recognition Award

Description and Purpose of Awards:

The AAPD Pediatric Dental Resident Committee developed the "Resident Recognition Award" to recognize pediatric dental residents doing innovative and interesting activities in their training programs. Selected residents will be awarded with $200, featured on the AAPD website, featured in Pediatric Dentistry Today (PDT), and recognized at the awards ceremony during the annual AAPD meeting.

Selection criteria:

Residents will be chosen based on activities during residency that contribute to one or more of the following fields: patient care, education (i.e., teaching), research, and community service. Innovation, time commitment, and significance of service to others will be the primary factors considered in the selection process.

The winners will be selected by a panel of at least three reviewers from the Pediatric Dental Resident Committee, New Pediatric Dentist Committee, and the Council on Membership and Membership Services.

Residents may self-nominate or be nominated by a colleague. Furthermore, he/she must be an active member of the AAPD, be in good standing, and be enrolled in a CODA-approved pediatric dentistry residency.

Instructions for submission:

  1. Please use the subsequent page to submit your nomination. All fields should be completed.
  2. Residents not selected for this cycle may be nominated again in the future with the same entry form, but the entry must be resubmitted. Awards will be given bi-annually depending on the quality and quantity of submissions.
  3. Additional questions can be directed to Suzanne Wester at
Deadline for submission is March 2, 2018 at 6 p.m. PST.
Winners will be notified before March 31, 2018.

Nomination Form

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In the space below, please describe the activities contributing to one or more of the following fields: pediatric dentistry, teaching, research and public service. Discuss the originality of the activities and significance of service to others. Please limit your response to 600 words or fewer.