Residency Program

The two-year pediatric dentistry residency program, started after graduation from dental school, immerses dentists in scientific study and clinical experience. The trainee learns advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, along with child psychology and clinical management, oral pathology, child-related pharmacology, radiology, child development, management of oral/facial trauma, care for patients with special needs, conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

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Harlem Hospital Center

Division of Pediatric Dentistry
506 Lenox Ave
MLK Building, RM 6215
New York, New York 10037
Phone: 212-939-1712
Fax: 212-939-1714

Program Length and Number of Positions

This is a 24-month program beginning July 1 of each year. Two new positions are offered each year.

Program Type

Hospital-based certificate program with Columbia University affiliation; this program is open only to U.S. or Canadian dental school graduates who are licensed or eligible for limited permit/licensure in the state of New York


The application deadline is October 1 of the year preceding matriculation. The Harlem Hospital Center, Division of Pediatric Dentistry Program will participate in the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) PASS program and the National Matching Service program. There is no supplemental application.
Correspondence regarding application and admission procedures should be addressed to:
Ms. Alexandra Boddie, Harlem Hospital Center, Division of Pediatric Dentistry, 506 Lenox Ave, MLK Building, RM 6215, New York, NY 10037


The pediatric dental residency program is designed to prepare the student for an active role in clinical practice and education.
The course of study includes clinically oriented multidisciplinary basic science core courses. Clinical instruction includes: advanced clinical pediatric dentistry, interceptive orthodontics, conscious sedation, treatment for children with special needs, pediatric medicine and pediatric anesthesiology.

The two-year certificate program enables the student to confidently treat the well child, the medically compromised and the child with special needs. Experience in research and teaching are additional program components. The program is designed in accordance with the Commission on Accreditation Requirements for Advanced Education Programs in Pediatric Dentistry and is accredited by the ADA Council on Dental Education.

Upon completion of the program, the student receives a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and meets the advanced education eligibility requirements of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.
The dental department at Harlem Hospital Center also has an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program and a General Practice Residency Program.


Clinical curriculum includes: clinical practice in pediatric dentistry, preventive and interceptive orthodontics, nitrous oxide/oxygen psychosedation, care for the disabled child, pediatric anesthesiology and operating room protocol, oral conscious sedation, pediatric dentistry instruction preceptorship and pediatric oral trauma management.

Residents spend two weeks on rotations in the Pediatric Medicine Service, two weeks on the Emergency Room Service and one month in the Anesthesiology.

The didactic curriculum includes: pediatric dentistry theory, pediatric dentistry literature review, research methodology, oral medicine, oral pathology, orthodontics, cephalometrics, cariology, pediatric medicine, methodology in preventive dentistry and advanced pediatric dental research. Original research or other scholarly project leading to a publishable paper must be completed.

Program Stipend and Tuition

Dental residents receive the same salary as medical residents. First-year stipend is $51,644. Second-year stipend is $53,780.


Pediatric Dentistry Clinic
Harlem Hospital Center – MLK Medical Center

Admission Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for admission:

D.D.S. or D.M.D. from an accredited U.S. or Canadian dental school
Dental education transcripts
Three letters of recommendation (one from dean and/or one from pediatric dentistry chair of the dental school attended; one from director of any postdoctoral (GPR) program in which the applicant is enrolled or has participated)
National Board Dental Examination results (I & II)
Participation with PASS and Postdoctoral Matching Program
New York state dental license (temporary licensure can be arranged for U.S. and Canadian graduates)
Current photo (2 x 2 passport size)

Program Strengths

Attendings from all dental specialties represented and devoted to clinical and didactic teaching
Extensive and diverse patient pool
Extensive clinical exposure to pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic management of patients exhibiting difficult behavior
Lecture series featuring faculty and practicing pediatric dentists from the greater New York metropolitan area
Faculty balance between those with full-time academic commitments and those in part-time pediatric dental clinical practice

Program Faculty

James R. King, D.D.S., Director, Dental Department/Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery*
Yael Feldman, D.M.D., Interim Program Director/Chief of Pediatric Dentistry**
Robert North, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentist (Full-time)
George Foster, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentist (Full-time)
Clinton Spicer, D.D.S., Prosthodontist (Part-time)
Charles Grannum, D.M.D., Prosthodontist (Part-time)
Gary Tomack, D.D.S., General Dentist (Part-time)
Michael Bolden, D.D.S., Periodontist (Part-time)
Thomas Holt, D.D.S., Periodontist (Part-Time)
Diedra McGuire, D.D.S., Orthodontist (Part-time)
Albert Granger, D.D.S., Endodontist (Part-time)
Karen Gear, D.D.S., Endodontist (Part-time)
Patricia Miller, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Full-time)
Dwight Williams, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Part-time)*
David Greenman, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Part-time)*
Mohamoud Sadeghi, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Part-time)
J. Sinclair Trimiar, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Full-time)
Paul Martin, D.D.S., Oral Surgeon (Full-time)

*Board certified

School Profile

Program Type: Hospital-based
Program Director: Full-Time
Board Certified
Program Faculty: 6 Full-Time
9 Part-Time
2 Board Certified
Program Length: 24 Total Months
July 1 Start Date
Program Accreditation:
State Licensure: Required
Restricted License Available
(for U.S and Canadian graduates only)
Number of Entering Positions: 2
Tuition In-State:
Tuition Out-Of-State:
Salary/Stipend: 51,644 First Year
53,780 Second Year
Application: Pass Deadline October 1 Deadline
Participant in National
Matching Service:
Participant in PASS: Yes
Only US citizens from ADA
accredited dental schools
US citizens from foreign dental
schools considered:
Non-US citizens from ADA
accredited dental schools
Non-US citizens from foreign
dental schools considered:
Acceptance Applicant Ratio:
Clinic Experience: Orthodontics
Conscious Sedation
Hospital Rotations
General Anesthesia
Emergency Call
Operating Room
Oral Surgery
Infant Oral Health
Medically Compromised
Mentally Disabled
Craniofacial Disorders
Physically Disabled
Didactic Experience: Seminars
Literature Review
Case Conferences
Research Requirement: Data Collection Project
Teaching Experience: Yes Clinic Half-Days
Yes Lecture/Presentations
Facilities: 22 Chair/Operatories
7 Clinic Receptionist
13 Dental Assistants
1 Dental Hygienists