Residency Program

The two-year pediatric dentistry residency program, started after graduation from dental school, immerses dentists in scientific study and clinical experience. The trainee learns advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures, along with child psychology and clinical management, oral pathology, child-related pharmacology, radiology, child development, management of oral/facial trauma, care for patients with special needs, conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

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Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center

Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/ Montefiore Medical Center
Montefiore Medical Center
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, New York 10467-2490
Phone: (718) 920-5996
Fax: (718) 515-5419

Program Length and Number of Positions

This is a 24-month program commencing July 1 of each year. Ten new positions are offered each year.

Program Type

Hospital-based certificate program


The application deadline is October 1 of the year preceding matriculation. Correspondence regarding application and admission procedures should be addressed to:
Nuntiya Kakanantadilok, Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Montefiore Medical Center, 111 E. 210th Street, Bronx, New York 10467-2490;

Participation in PASS is highly recommended. Participation in MATCH is mandatory.


This residency is a hospital-based program that offers a broad exposure to all relevant components of Pediatric Dentistry. In addition to extensive management of primary care patients, residents actively participate in care for the developmentally disabled, as well as for the medically compromised. A well-rounded didactic program serves to integrate clinical experience with academic knowledge.


Pediatric dental residents receive extensive exposure to all aspects of pediatric dental care including well children, developmentally disabled children, minor and major dental trauma, nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, enteral sedation, IM/IV sedation, interceptive orthodontics and operating room experience. Hospital rotations in Pediatric Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Anesthesia serve to integrate the pediatric dental resident into the hospital mainstream. Participation in the Centers for Craniofacial Disorders includes a monthly multi-disciplinary conference with other hospital specialties such as oral maxillo-facial surgery, orthodontics, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatric medicine, speech pathology, genetics and psychology.
Didactic education is provided via participation in lectures, seminars, hospital rotations and adjunctive continuing education courses. Topics include behavior management, dento-alveolar trauma, pulpal therapy, preventive dentistry, sedation techniques, emergency medical management, growth and development, interceptive orthodontics, oral pathology, biostatistics, epidemiology & study design, physical diagnosis, special patient care, oral medicine, treatment planning, and head & neck anatomy.
Pediatric dentistry is one of five postgraduate programs in the Department of Dentistry at Montefiore Medical Center. As such, residents have available to them a large number of dental specialists and support personnel with whom they may consult in the treatment of cases requiring a multi-disciplinary approach.

A major rotation at the Rose F. Kennedy Center emphasizes comprehensive dental care for infants, children, adolescents and adults with physical, developmental, language and learning disabilities. Residents are called upon to manage medically complex and behaviorally difficult patients using advanced treatment modalities, including IM/IV sedations.

Program Stipend and Tuition

First-year stipend is $55,900 and second-year stipend is $58,200. Fringe benefits include 4 weeks paid vacation, complimentary health insurance and daily meal plan. Subsidized housing and parking is available by lottery. Tuition is $5,000 per year.


• Montefiore Medical Center/Schiff Pavilion
• Montefiore Medical Park/Comprehensive Family Care Center
• Prospect Avenue Dental Center
• North Broadway Dental
• Rose F. Kennedy Center/Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center

Admission Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for admission:

• D.D.S. or D.M.D. from an accredited American or Canadian dental school
• Eligibility for permit or temporary licensure in New York State
• 3 Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF)
• Dental and pre-professional education transcripts
• National Board Dental Examination results
• ADAT scores strongly recommended
• Match code number

Program Strengths

• Diverse patient population
• Extensive clinical experience
• Abubdant dental staff support
• Dental education supervised by board certified full- and part-time faculty
• Extensive operating room and conscious sedation experience
•Modern clinical facilities featuring digital radiography, paperless charting, and electronic scheduling
• Excellent institutional resources for in-depth management of medically compromised
  and developmentally disabled children
• Interaction with other dental and medical post-graduate programs

Program Faculty

Nuntiya Kakanantadilok, D.M.D., Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry*
Alice Lee, D.D.S., Associate Director, Division of Pediatric Dentistry*
Grace Encarnacion Chin, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry Site Director, North Broadway Dental Center*
Jason Cheung, D.D.S., Pediatric Dentistry Site Director, Prospect Avenue Dental Center*


Eytan Chen, D.M.D., Attending, Division of Pediatric Dentistry*
Janna Danbe, D.M.D., Attending, Division of Pediatric Dentistry*
Sejal Patel, D.D.S., Attending, Division of Pediatric Dentistry*

Rose F. Kennedy Center
Farah Alam, D.D.S., Director, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Patricia Dibos, D.M.D., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry, Rose F. Kennedy Center*
Steven Krauss, D.D.S., Attending, Pediatric Dentistry, Rose F. Kennedy Center*
Barry Lagsom, D.D.S., Attending, Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Rose F. Kennedy Center

*Board certified

School Profile

Program Type: Hospital-based
Program Director: Full-Time
Board Certified
Program Faculty: 4 Full-Time
3 Part-Time
7 Board Certified
Program Length: 24 Total Months
July 1 Start Date
Program Accreditation: Approved
State Licensure: Restricted License Available
Number of Entering Positions: 10
Tuition In-State: 5,000 First Year
5,000 Second Year
Tuition Out-Of-State: 5,000 First Year
5,000 Second Year
Salary/Stipend: 55,900 First Year
58,200 Second Year
Application: October 1 Deadline
Participant in National
Matching Service:
Participant in PASS: Yes
Only US citizens from ADA
accredited dental schools
US citizens from foreign dental
schools considered:
Non-US citizens from ADA
accredited dental schools
Non-US citizens from foreign
dental schools considered:
Acceptance Applicant Ratio: 1:25
Clinic Experience: Orthodontics
Conscious Sedation
Hospital Rotations
General Anesthesia
Emergency Call
Operating Room
Oral Surgery
Medically Compromised
Mentally Disabled
Craniofacial Disorders
Physically Disabled
Didactic Experience: Seminars
Literature Review
Case Conferences
Research Requirement: Data Collection Project
Case Report
Teaching Experience: Yes Lecture/Presentations
Facilities: 16 Chair/Operatories
14 Dental Assistants