Halloween Candy: It’s Not How Much Kids Eat, It’s When

“Halloween Candy: It’s Not How Much Kids Eat, It’s When”

Forbes Magazine: October 2008


According to Forbes Magazine, candy remains a big part of Halloween for tens of millions of American children. Dr. Mark L. Helpin (Pa.) believes that parents should focus less on the candy but rather on the frequency when it comes to consuming sugary snacks. Basically, this means that eating several candies in one seating is better than giving a child one piece of candy for several days in a row. Helpin also offers  alternatives for parents that want to provide a fun and healthy Halloween for their children.


The following text appeared in the story:

            Helpin recommends that parents have their kids brush their teeth after eating          candy. If that's not possible, have them rinse their mouth with water three or four      times after eating. This will help cut down on acidity in the mouth, he said.

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