North Carolina Physicians Boost Medicaid Kids' Oral Care Access

Kathy Kincade, editor-in-chief of, spoke with AAPD President Dr. John R. Liu for an article on the North Carolina Mouths of Babes program, which reimburses physicians and physician extenders for up to six preventive oral health visits for Medicaid-enrolled children younger than age 3. Dr. Liu was quoted in addressing the issue of access to care and supporting the initiative’s goal of generating early support for children’s oral health care from health practitioners.


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According to the article:

"We are not going to drill and fill our way out of the access-to-care issue," Dr. Liu said. "The only way to deal with it is to move further upstream. We need to ensure that 1-year-olds and even pregnant women start now with good oral health habits. Right now the system pays for a filling, not for teaching a mother about oral health. We need to show good evidence that it does make a different to go further upstream. The messaging needs to be consistent and ongoing, and that's why we need physicians and even ob/gyns talking about the importance of good oral healthcare."

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