Oh Baby! Immunization and Dentistry


AAPD Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Joel H. Berg talked on Seattle’s NBC affiliate, King5, about the importance of children visiting a dentist by their first birthday. As part of their Children’s Healthlink series, the story discussed the importance of baby teeth and encouraged building a relationship between children and their parents to help share the message of healthy habits at home. The story, “Oh Baby! Immunization and Dentistry,” aired on June 17, 2009.


Within the story, Berg talked about the importance of baby teeth and brushing children’s teeth.

"You know, it's a common question parents ask, they are just baby teeth, they just fall out, why bother? First of all, we have to keep the teeth healthy," said Berg.

"We always tell parents brush your child's teeth, but we need to show them. It's all about communication talking about the behaviors they can do at home to prevent dental disease."

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