Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy During Summer Vacation

July 11, 2011 09:49 AM
It’s summer vacation and kids are enjoying the break, and perhaps eager to snack more often. The Los Angeles Times interviewed AAPD President Dr. Rhea M. Haugseth (Ga.) for a Q&A piece about tips on how to keep infants and young children’s teeth healthy. Haugseth suggests to eat healthier snacks such as fruit and vegetables and to be aware of the duration of the intake of sugared beverages and candy. 

When asked about the trends in pediatric dental health, Haugseth said, “We are seeing an increase in decay rates in children ages 2 to 5. That group is getting more decay than the older kids. We see more than 50% of those kids having decay. The 6-12 age range has had a decrease in their decay rates as well as those in the 12-16 year age group. In the children ages 2 to 5, there are multiple things going on. The big culprits seem to be the sugared beverages in the sippy cup, the frequency of them getting these snack foods and sugared beverages all day every day, and the lack of education and knowledge of the parent that they are supposed to be brushing these kids' teeth.”

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