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Continuing Education (CE)*
To keep members up-to-date with current trends in technology, practice tools and other areas critical to pediatric dentistry, AAPD provides a variety of continuing education courses and seminars for members at discounted prices. The AAPD-sponsored courses are presented throughout the year and offer practical information for pediatric dentists, academicians, researchers and the dental team. Members can also receive continuing education credits from the comfort of their own home through the journal-based CE program, as well as Oakstone's audiotape CE program.

*AAPD is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider

AAPD Website

AAPD members have exclusive access to over 1,800 pediatric dental and practice management articles, timely advocacy information and much more through the Members Only section. In addition, members have access to AAPD oral health policies and clinical guidelines, information about upcoming meetings, AAPD publications, AAPD latest news and Foundation activities.

Headquarters Office
Dedicated staff are available to provide members with information, services and support. Members can contact the office at (312) 337-2169 or

Annual Session
Each May, the AAPD Annual Session provides scientific programs, practice management information, the latest on clinical techniques, policy-making involvement for the specialty and fellowship with professional colleagues. This year marks the AAPD's 68th Annual Session, which will be held in Seattle, Wash., from May 21-24, 2015. Future Annual Sessions are as follows:

69th Annual Session, May 26-29, 2016, San Antonio, Texas
70th Annual Session, May 25-28, 2017, Washington, D.C.
71st Annual Session, May 24-27, 2018, Honolulu, Hawaii

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children: The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children supports and promotes education, research, service and policy development to advance the oral health of infants, children and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. For further information about Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, please contact

Legislative Support and Advocacy
The AAPD sponsors lobbying and advocacy with legislative and governmental administrative bodies on issues applicable to pediatric dentistry and the improvement of children's oral health care. Input can be provided through the AAPD's Council on Government Affairs. The AAPD also initiated a Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2001 to support congressional candidates who champion children's oral health issues. For further information, please contact Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel C. Scott Litch at

Membership Directory
The Membership Directory is recognized as the most widely used membership benefit. Providing information for referral and increasing communication among members, the directory showcases important information regarding the AAPD and its services, including its constitution and bylaws.

Reference Manual
Updated annually, this publication contains the AAPD's clinical guidelines, oral health policies and additional information pertinent to the practice of pediatric dentistry. The AAPD's clearly identified positions on oral health policies for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special health care needs are reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

Pediatric Dentistry journal is the leading and most informative didactic publication in the specialty. Distributed on a bimonthly basis, Pediatric Dentistry features numerous scientific articles, case reports and abstracts. Your can search for articles, browse the journal archives or view the current issue online.

Distributed three time per year, the Journal of Dentistry for Children, covers a wide range of topics related to the clinical care of children, from clinical techniques of daily importance to the practitioner, to studies on child behavior and growth and development. It also provides information on the physical, psychological and emotional conditions of children as they relate to and affect their dental health.

Member Magazine
Pediatric Dentistry Today magazine is the member publication that highlights legislative and regulatory information, membership news, AAPD meetings, as well as information on current and future events within the specialty and organization.

Patient Education Materials
The AAPD publishes brochures, visual reference cards, videotapes and other useful materials to inform your patients on pediatric dental issues and the services you provide. All are available for purchase at a discounted member price in the Online Store.

Public Relations
The AAPD media spokesperson program keeps the specialty of pediatric dentistry in full view of the media and the public. For further details on promoting the specialty of pediatric dentistry, contact Public Relations Manager Erika H. Skorupskas at The AAPD welcomes member suggestions on enhancing communications with health professionals and the public.

Insurance and Coding Issues
In late 2007, the AAPD established a new member service: Dental Benefits Service. AAPD now has a full-time staff member solely dedicated to help guide members navigate the maze of coding and third party reimbursement issues. We are here to assist you with tips on how to resolve reimbursement problems with Third party payers, inform you on current reimbursement trends and ways to avoid the pitfalls of poor and sluggish reimbursement patterns.

Through input from the AAPD Council on Dental Benefit Programs, members can become more informed and involved in the decision-making process regarding benefits and reimbursement for pediatric dental procedures, as well as dental coding issues. For further information, please contact Dental Benefits Manager Mary Essling at

Intraprofessional Support
The AAPD provides support on issues regarding dental health for children in conjunction with the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Academy of General Dentistry and other dental specialty and health organizations.

Disability, Life and Business Insurance
The AAPD endorses insurance products offered through the brokerage firm of Treloar and Heisel. Contact Treloar & Heisel directly at (800) 345-6040 for information regarding a wide variety of insurance products that provide optimal benefits to members at reasonable rates.

Professional Liability Insurance
The AAPD endorses the Medical Protective plan, which provides reasonable rates to our members for professional liability coverage. Medical Protective, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the oldest professional liability carrier in the country, covering over 110,000 health care providers. The Medical Protective Company is rated A by A.M. Best and AA by Standard & Poor's, the highest ratings in the industry. This plan is administered by Treloar and Heisel. For further information, please contact Treloar and Heisel at 800-345-6040.

TransFirst Health Services Credit Card Processing Program
A new addition to the AAPD Member Benefits, TransFirst Health Services Credit Card Processing Program offers members the ability to incorporate state of the art processing technology along with competitive pricing, new payment processing options, and compliance expertise into their daily payment acceptance process flow. The AAPD’s endorsed credit card processing program available through TransFirst Health Services includes a wide array of health care processing products that include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express card processing, as well as Check Verification and Guaranty, ACH Processing, Electronic Insurance Eligibility, and Recurring Billing capabilities.

Servicing 30,000 health care providers nationally, TransFirst Health Services is the leading payment-processing specialist within the health care industry. TransFirst Health Services’ dedication, knowledge and expertise in the health care industry will introduce AAPD members to a new level of merchant processing program. TransFirst is in fact the AAPD’s vendor of choice for internal operations. Members can receive a complimentary program analysis comparing this program to their existing plan, ask any questions regarding compliance or processing products, or simply inquire about more information about this exciting new program by contacting a dedicated Provider Consultant at (866) 279-4563.

MedJetLogoMEDJET ASSISTANCE offers worldwide emergency medical evacuation and consultation to members who become hospitalized (domestically or internationally) more than 150 miles from home, and wish to return to a hometown or specialty hospital. Special AAPD annual membership rates are only $235 for individuals up to age 75, $360 for families, and covers everything from hospital to hospital. That is a significant savings from the regular annual rates. Diamond Plan memberships are also available for individuals ages 75-81. For further details, please visit the or call (800) 963-3538 and mention code AAPD to receive the special AAPD-only rates.

Yellow Pages Listing Program and Internet Marketing
Membership group listings in local Yellow Pages directories clearly identify AAPD members and individuals who are educationally qualified to announce specialty in pediatric dentistry. For details on publishing your name among pediatric dentistry specialists, please contact SMG Directory Marketing (formerly D'Arcy Yellow Pages) at (312) 220-5522.

Click here to read more information about this program.

Motion Picture Licensing for Dental Offices – Discounted Fee for AAPD Members
Many pediatric dental offices show movies to entertain and relax patients and families. Since exhibitions of copyrighted motion pictures (and other programs available for rental or purchase) outside of private, home use, such as in a dental office, require a public performance license, the AAPD reached an agreement with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) for the convenience of our members. AAPD members may receive a discount on the MPLC Umbrella License, an annual license that protects your office from copyright infringement when movies and other programs are shown. The discounted annual license fee is $280. See more details about this program at: and in the documents below.

To learn more about the MPLC and the Umbrella License, please visit the MPLC website at  MPLC Licensing Representatives are also available to answer any questions about the affordable annual license at (800) 462-8855.  Additionally, you may download the MPLC brochure created specifically for AAPD membersor please contact Scott Litch at AAPD with any questions about the AAPD member discount at (312) 337-2169.

Click here for a copy of the standard agreement and brochure for AAPD members.

Click here for the Fall 2014 notification to AAPD members concerning a fee reduction.

Click here for a copy of a FAQ about MPLC.

Click here for the MPLC website.


SoFi Student Loan Refinancing

SoFi__logoThe AAPD seeks to help our members who are dealing with significant student loan debt. Significant savings can be achieved by refinancing at a lower interest rate.  The AAPD has partnered with SoFi, the leader in student loan refinancing, to bring their product to our members. SoFi consolidates and refinances federal and private student loans to offer rates customized to you, creating meaningful savings. For more information, and to qualify for a $400 welcome bonus through this partnership, visit  SoFi also offers webinars to help AAPD members learn more about the program.  Click here for an upcoming webinar schedule.

Click here for more information on the program.

Click here for FAQ about SoFi.

Click here for information on refinancing PLUS loans.