Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Partners With 22 Organizations And Commits More Than $1.1 Million in Grants To Underserved Children

May 22, 2015 10:00 AM
hshclogoHealthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC), the Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), announced today from its AAPD 2015 meeting in Seattle that it will partner with 22 organizations this year and provide an unprecedented $1.1 million grant dollars for underserved children to have a Dental Home. Since 2010, HSHC has donated more than $3 million in support of access to care initiatives helping more than 290,000 children in 26 states. 
"We are pleased to award another $1 million-plus in new HSHC grants this year," said HSHC President Dr. Beverly Largent. "These deserving organizations are doing great things for kids in their communities and HSHC is proud to support them."
Congratulations to the HSHC’s 2015 Grantees listed below: 

  • Eastman Institute for Oral Health University of Rochester: Rochester, N.Y. 
  • Community Health Centers of Burlington: Burlington, Vt. 
  • The Floating Hospital: Long Island, N.Y.  
  • SmileHealthy: Champaign, Ill. 
  • The Dental Foundation of Oregon: Wilsonville, Ore. 
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado: Aurora, Colo. 
  • First Choice Health Centers, Inc.: East Hartford, Conn. 
  • Kids Smiles: Philadelphia, Pa. 
  • Cincinnati Health Department: Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • Petaluma Health Center: Petaluma, Calif. 
  • Children’s Dental Services: Minneapolis, Minn. 
  • KidSMILES Pediatric Dental Clinic: Dublin, Ohio. 
  • Yale New Haven Hospital Department of Pediatric Dentistry: New Haven, Conn. 
  • Hennepin Health Foundation: Minneapolis, Minn. 
  • Caridad Center, Inc.: Boynton Beach, Fla. 
  • Family Healthcare: Fargo, N.D. 
  • CASS Community Health Foundation: Kansas City, Mo. 
  • Charles Henderson Child Health Center: Troy, Ala. 
  • St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation: Billings, Mont. 
  • Neighborcare Health: Seattle, Wash. 
  • University of Washington: The Center for Pediatric Dentistry: Seattle, Wash. *HSHC Dental Home Day Site 

In addition, HSHC has identified two outstanding organizations to be awarded Multi-Year HSHC Grants of $375,000 over five years:

  • Kids’ Community Dental Clinic: Burbank, Calif.
  • Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic: Waukesha, Wis.

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