CMS Provides Resources on Medicaid Program Integrity

The AAPD and CMS have partnered in the past to provide members with webinars that provide a comprehensive overview of Medicaid program integrity, common compliance vulnerabilities, and benefits derived from developing or improving a compliance program. The AAPD has also worked closely with CMS and the ADA on compliance issues to help ensure that provider audits are fair and reasonable. 
CMS has now created an informative website on CMS' Medicaid Program Integrity. The site provides educational resources for providers, beneficiaries, managed care plans (MCPs), and other stakeholders and promotes best practices and awareness of Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse. 
Visit the CMS website today and gain access to electronic media, toolkits, print-ready materials, webinars, videos, and other innovative strategies focusing on issues applicable to providers, beneficiaries, and MCPs in each State. 

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