10626460_10152734626676147_3622518906328614760_nThe AAPD Career Center—a place where dental connections are made—provides users with the ability to search available job listings, buy a practice, or post your own resume at no cost. If you’re also looking to fill a dental position or sell your practice, the Career Center provides you with the option to post these for a small fee. There are numerous options that are available to you through the Career Center. For questions, please contact customerservice+804102@support.boxwoodtech.com or (888) 491-8833.


Career Center


A single 30-day job or sale posting is available for $250 per month, which includes resume access for employers during the posting period. If you are an AAPD Member, you will receive 20 percent off of a single job or sale posting. For full pricing details and ways to enhance the placement of your postings, please click here.

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