Advocacy Campaigns

CapWiz XC Grassroots Program

The AAPD utilizes a software program called Capwiz XC. This software program, produced by the Washington, D.C.-based company Capitol Advantage, allows the AAPD to more effectively organize web-based grass roots alerts at both the federal and state level. The following functionality is directly integrated with the AAPD’s web site and advocacy content:

  • E-Advocates can automatically search for their members of Congress by zip code.
  • AAPD Legislative alerts have sample letters embedded in the program where additional personal information can be easily added by the sender.
  • E-Advocates may automatically e-mail or print their letters directly from the web site. The program takes care of e-mailing directly to Congressional offices, navigating through any procedures that would block e-mails from getting through to Congressional offices.
  • The headquarters office receives reports of all responses so that we can accurately determine which offices have been contacted and which still require follow-up. We can print out all letters sent to a particular office if needed to show that office how their constituents back home feel about the issue.
  • State unit organizations can work with AAPD headquarters office to post grass roots alerts targeted to their state legislatures, focused only on AAPD members in that particular state. This is especially important given the many key health care policy decisions being made at the state level.
  • The State feature has the same functionality as the federal feature in terms of ease of use and ability to locate a state legislator by zip code.

Click here to access the AAPD Capwiz site.

For further information, please contact Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel C. Scott Litch at (312) 337-2169 or