AAPD President Interviewed by CNN

July 16, 2012 02:12 PM
AAPD President Dr. Joel Berg was interviewed by CNN regarding new analysis on dental fillings in children that suggests non-metal fillings may contribute to behaviorial problems. The study authors caution that their results only point to an association; they say their analysis does not prove that BPA causes any behavior changes. Researchers looked at data from a previous study called The New England Children's Amalgam Trial, which was designed to examine the overall health effects of metal fillings in children, but also included children with composite or tooth-colored fillings.
"Both amalgams and composites [tooth-colored fillings] are safe materials. They are both effective, they have been shown to be effective for years and years," explains Berg. "This is one study that has an early finding in the context of a larger group of studies looking at BPA, in a wide variety of materials where it's much more prevalent than in dental materials."
He also points out that the chemicals used in fillings are constantly improving and that what was used during the time of the original study (1997 to 2005) may be less safe than what we have today.
"Preventing cavities is the message I like to get out to children and parents," says Berg. He urges parents to discuss any concerns about their child's filling with the pediatric dentist.

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