AAPD President Featured on Dr.Bicuspid.com

AAPD was asked by Tony Edwards, Editor in Chief of Dr.Bicuspid.com, to contribute a response to Megyn Kelly’s segment, "Children at Risk? Kids and Sedation at the Dentist’s Office. " As a result, AAPD President Dr. Jim Nickman submitted a Second Opinion Piece that appeared online on the website, Thursday, July 13.

In part, Dr. Nickman stated:

"We believe a significant opportunity was missed to emphasize the critical importance of early prevention care to ensure the very best health and well-being of our children."

He also said: "We know that arming parents and caregivers with information is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of being faced with a decision of whether or not to place their child under anesthesia. However, there are instances when treatment under deep sedation/general anesthesia may be required -- but it is never "routine." It is discussed with parents and caregivers as a treatment option only when necessary. Additionally, parents and caregivers should know that they have rights when it comes to their children's oral health (and medical) care. The AAPD recommends parents get a second opinion from a pediatric dental specialist when discussing any oral procedure or surgery, and ask questions until they have no more."

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