AAPD President-Elect Included in NBC News Story

December 11, 2012 11:55 AM
In a segment, titled, "Kids’ Dental Clinic Fields New Complaints," an NBC News investigation of the performance of Small Smiles' 63 dental clinics over the last three years found repeated allegations of substandard work and unnecessary procedures which drove up the cost to taxpayers. The allegations came from anguished parents, government investigators and former employees around the country.  Such practices violate a settlement the company reached with the Justice Department in January 2010, following allegations that it was bilking taxpayers by doing unnecessary and substandard procedures on low-income children.  

The story references Dr. Warren Brill as follows:

Dr. Warren Brill is the president elect of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). He has his own practice in Baltimore, MD and 85 percent of his patients are on Medicaid. "Reimbursement rates are a large factor in terms of dentists not accepting children on Medicaid, because the fees that they get are often times lower than the cost of providing the care," he said.  According to AAPD 70 percent of its members accept Medicaid. But only 3.5 percent of all professionally active dentists practice that specialty.   

Nevertheless, Dr. Brill says parents of children on public insurance can find quality care.

"It's a question of learning how to make the appointment, getting referrals from state health departments, from dental associations, from friends and relatives. Parents that find those avenues should be able to find a dentist for their children."

To read the article in its entirety, please go to: http://todayhealth.today.com/_news/2012/12/11/15839314-kids-dental-clinic-fields-new-complaints?lite

Additionally, Brill was featured in "Today" show coverage of the same story. 

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