AAPD Launches Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center

March 14, 2011 03:41 PM

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the authority on children’s oral health, announced today the creation of their Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center.

The goal of the Center is to inform and advance research and policy analysis that will promote optimal oral health care for children. Through the AAPD, the Center will conduct research studies and policy analysis to further the understanding of practices which will improve oral health for all children. Upcoming work will focus on areas such as successful Medicaid dental reforms, effective oral health literacy efforts, the benefits of establishing a dental home by age one and the efficacy of expanded function dental assistant laws. The Center will assist federal and state policymakers in determining the best policies to positively improve the oral health status of children.

"Our Center will allow the AAPD to produce timely and high quality research and policy analysis on critical issues impacting children’s oral health," said AAPD President Dr. John R. Liu. "Too often, policymakers are presented with simplistic ‘solutions’ to children’s oral health that don’t hold up to rigorous scrutiny. The AAPD’s Center will serve as the resource for children’s oral health policy and research."

Click here to access the Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center.


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